Aah yes

Although I seem rather inactive on Tumblr, it’s because I avoid this place due to the huge amount of spoilers for the season (especially since I don’t always watch the show on the release date due to real life time problems)

But yes, I still watch all the shows. I’m still an (sports) anime blog. This summer has been really great so it’s been a backlog of anime gifs LOL.

Summer watched shows: ZnT, Free ES, A/Z, Barakamon, Shin Strange+, Ace of Diamond, Baby Steps, HQ, HxH, Tokyo Ghoul, SAO2, Sailor Moon Crystal, GSNK, Re: Hamatora, Love Stage, JJBA Stardust Crusaders

Unfinished: Bakumatsu Rock, DmmD, Shounen Hollywood, Space Dandy 2, Book of Circus

Fall 2014 shows: I can’t follow them all as usual because of schoolwork, but I am going to follow continuations/season 2s for series that I follow the manga for that have been animated.

Log Horizon 2 (continuation)

Gundam Build Fighters Try (continuation)

Psycho-Pass 2 (continuation)

Yowamushi Pedal Grade Road (continuation) 

Fate/Stay Night (remake)

World Trigger* (if I have time)

Donten ni Warau (manga)

Amagi Brilliant Park* (KyoAni fan here)

Orenchi no Furou Jijou (An OVA of this already came out like 2 years ago?? Why is it getting an anime this late?)

Parasyte*(if I have time) 

*may not watch

I’m going to stay away from the Otoge anime for now, until enough friends pressure me to watch it.

Here’s to the followers who stayed with me until now!


Phantom troupe and Zoldyck family cosplay :)